frequently asked questions

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  • Important Parasail Safety Regulations

    • MANDATORY: MUST BRING One I.D. per guest.
    • Guests under 18 must have a parent at check-in to complete waivers and show photo I.D.
    • Tandem (2 persons flying at the same time) and Triple Flights
    • Triple Flights are weather and weight permitting
    • The total weight limit is 450 lbs for Single, Tandem and Triple Flights
    • Children must be at least 6 years old and must be accompanied by an adult
    • Digital photos of your parasailing adventure available for purchase

  • Do I need to be able to swim?

    Yes, You do not have to be a strong swimmer, however a basic ability to swim is required to enter the water.

  • Are there restrooms on the boat?

    Yes, normally there are two restrooms on boat excursions, always at least one.

  • Do we need to bring our own snorkeling equipment?

    No, all guests are provided with sanitized snorkel equipment, including fins, mask and floatation devices. However, you are welcome to bring your own equipment if you prefer.

  • Do you have lockers on your boats?

    No, they're not necessary. Like you, everybody is there to have a good time and enjoy the adventure in the relaxed atmosphere of Key West. There is however plenty of space for you or your group to put your belongings on the boat as well as a diligent crew and captain.

  • Should we bring a Camera?

    Yes, we suggest a simple underwater camera for snorkeling. These can be bought at any basic pharmacy store and generally cost between $5-$7. For other activities your smart phone or regular camera would be ideal.

  • Do you have a locker or somewhere we can leave our bags/belongings?

    Yes, you may leave your belongings with the trusted staff at the dock. However, bring your smartphone or camera on the tour, the Jet-Skis have waterproof compartments for you to store them.

  • Do I need to be able to swim?

    Yes, although floatation devices are provided, a basic level of ability is required

  • Do we need one Jet ski for each person in our group?

    No, you may have two adults on each ski provided that your combined weight does not exceed 480 lbs.

  • I have a young child who wants to parasail, how old do you have to be to do this?

    It's more about weight than age; people who weigh at least 50 lbs may parasail.

  • Important Jet Ski Safety Regulations

    • Guests WILL BE PAIRED UP on the Jet Skis
    • MANDATORY: MUST BRING 1 Credit Card per reservation
    • MANDATORY: MUST BRING 1 I.D. that includes date of birth per guest (ages 16 and older)
    • The Operator on each Jet Ski must have a basic understanding of the English Language
    • Guests MUST be at least 18 years old or have a parent/legal guardian present at check-in to participate
    • Guests Born in or after 1988, please check-in 60 minutes before departure time
    • Guests Born in or after 1988 may operate the Jet Ski if they have a Photo I.D. and meet ONE of the following criteria:
      • They have a National Association of State Boating Law Administrators Certification.
      • They are riding with someone born before 1988.
      • They are riding with someone born in or after 1988 who does have a United States Boater Safety License orNational Association of State Boating Law Administrators Certification.
      • There are 2 ways to obtain a Boater Safety License:
      • A temporary Boater Safety License can be obtained at check-in by taking a 25 multiple choice question open book test in English. There is a fee of $3.00 to take the test per rider (cash or credit card accepted). Riders must check-in 1 hour before departure time to obtain a temporary Boater Safety License.
      • Don’t want to wait? Obtain your Boater Safety License online by Clicking Here and be sure to present it at check-in.
    • Guests that do need to do the test: please check in 1 hour before departure time
    • Guests 4-13 years of age may accompany as a passenger only and parent must be present at check-in. They are not allowed under any circumstance to operate the Jet Ski
    • Guests 14-15 years of age may operate a Jet Ski as long as a passenger accompanies them who is at least 18 years of age and meets above criteria (parent/legal guardian must also be present to sign paperwork and show Photo I.D.)
    • Guests 16-17 years of age may operate a Jet Ski after they have obtained a Boater Safety License, bring Photo I.D. and have signed paperwork from a parent/legal guardian who must also show Photo I.D., even if not participating
    • Please note that a safety lanyard (key) is attached to the Jet Ski driver at all times
    • Three guests are allowed per Jet Ski and cannot exceed a total combined weight of 460 lbs (225 kg) 
      • Are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
      • Are pregnant
      • Have any existing medical conditions that put them or others at risk
      • Are 3 years of age and younger
      • Operator of Jet Ski does not have a basic understanding of the English Language